Orange Class Independent Learning


Orange Class have been carrying out plenty of activities based around our current class reading book of the Gingerbread Man. Different table work activities have been completed, depending upon the learning expectations that we have for each pupil.

Some children have been working on filling in the missing words in the Gingerbread Man story. Plenty of pictures are available to help the pupils think about what words are needed for the story to make sense.

Other Orange Class children have been matching pictures of some of the characters featured in the story with a similar image on a resource book. The aim here is for the children to be able to identify the different characters and their roles within the story.

A final activity has seen the Orange Class children model their own Gingerbread Men using some special ginger-scented play dough. This is a great sensory activity as the children can feel the play dough, as well as making the connection with the smell.

Independent learning has been encouraged across all of these activities. Some of the class members are now organising their work around their own work schedule. A visual list showing the activities that need to be completed is presented on the sheet. The pupils are expected to follow this in the correct order.

We have also made it easier for the Orange Class children to understand what work needs to be completed by introducing a tray system. Any new worksheets appear in the in-tray. The idea is to work from left to right, and end up with the completed tasks in the finished trey.

Finally it is worth mentioning the some of the sensory activities that Orange Class have been enjoying. As well as the regular sessions in the Turney School sensory room, there are also plenty of sensory based activities back in the classroom. The children have enjoyed playing with the fake snow resource and looking for buried objects.







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