Purple Class Summer Term Activities


Purple Class have been using sensory materials to help with their early literacy learning at Turney School. The Sensory team regularly visit the children to share some special activities.

One of the current themes involves looking at different creatures that live underneath the sea. Plenty of sensory resources are used to help tell a series of stories. The children are asked questions such as what is special about each sea creature in the story. Other resources such as bubbles and gentle sea whistles are used.

Staff member Debbie is able to help out with this learning by introducing the various signs for some of the new words that are used. Repetition also plays an important role during this activity. The children are continually asked to describe what they can see.

The Turney School Sensory team are also helping the Purple Class children to feel confident when communicating with adults. Free choices are given at the end of each activity. The children are required to use the Picture Exchange Communication system to put across their needs.

Elsewhere around Purple Class and there is plenty of other learning taking place. Three Little Pigs has been our main class reading book for the summer term. This work is also being used to help with the phonics learning. Letter formation is being regularly practised.

Our maths work in Purple Class for the remainder of the summer term involves plenty of counting and adding together of different numbers. The approach here is very visual. Physical objects are used to help count two sets of items together.

Finally Purple Class are looking forward to some planned trips to the nearby Brockwell Park during the remainder of the summer term. We will be using this wonderful outdoor space to take part in some drama and role play activities. The children will be acting out some scenes from the Three Little Pigs book.

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