Red Class Literacy Learning


Red Class have been carrying out plenty of singing and learning activities during the summer term at Turney School. The pupils have been enjoying a selection of their favourite songs on the class whiteboard. Each class member is given the chance to choose one of their favourite songs. This is a very visual activity with plenty of new signs to learn for each song.

The singing has also been incorporated into the Red Class jolly phonics work. This is the building block of our literacy learning. It helps the children to think about the sounds that that we can hear in different words.

The pupils are currently on jolly phonics level 2. The main activity for this exercise is to sing a short rhyme about each letter of the alphabet. The adults provide plenty of actions to help the class members remember the sounds that are being made.

Plenty of questions are asked throughout this activity. The pupils are asked to explain what sound they can hear at the start of each word. We also ask the children to sign out each letter.

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