Summer Term in Silver Class


Silver Class have been completing many wonderful different activities during the summer term at Turney School. The teaching staff are very proud of the Under the Water boxes that the children have created during Silver Class art sessions.

This work started off by painting a box blue for the backdrop of the sea. The children were then asked to choose a couple of their favourite coloured fish. These were then decorated with glitter. We asked the class members to explore the sensory feel of their fish.

The fish were then placed inside the boxes, with plenty of other sea life also included. The end result is some stunning Under the Water fish boxes.


Our maths work in Silver Class has involved looking at sequences. The learning intention was for the children to be able to identify any repeating patterns. We used the resource of a series of Disney characters or animals laid out on a strip. If the strip showed a Mickey Mouse, a Minnie Mouse and then a Mickey Mouse, then it should mean that Mickey would be the next character in the sequence.


This is an important part of the maths learning for the Silver Class children. We will soon start to switch the pictures for numbers. To help prepare this children for this we have also been working on number recognition. One task involved the Silver Class members matching up a picture with the correct number.


Finally plenty of letter and number character formation has been taking place in Silver Class. Different table activities that help to improve our handwriting skills have been completed.

This learning has been reinforced with some of the play activities that take place in the Turney School sensory room. One of the activities involves the children feeling the shape of some physical numbers that are buried away inside a playful gel box.

Great fun!

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