A Busy Summer Term in Silver Class!


Silver Class are coming towards the close of what has been a highly successful first two terms at Turney School. The teaching staff are very happy with the way that all of the children have settled in so well to the Turney School routine. Some wonderful learning has also been achieved!


Recent group work in Silver Class has looked at sensory art. We have allowed the children to explore different coloured tissue paper to create their own pictures. Glitter has also been added to give the art an extra sparkle.


Other art work in Silver Class has seen the children create a magical garden for some model ladybirds. We started this activity by first painting a cardboard box to transform it into a garden. Pebbles were then painted to represent the ladybirds. The children counted the number of spots that they then painted on each ladybird. These gardens are now proudly on display in the classroom.


Literacy learning in Silver Class has involved the children working on improving their letter formation skills.


We have been helping each class member to hold a pencil correctly. Each letter in the alphabet is then practised. The children are asked after each letter to think of a word that starts with this letter.


Similar activities have been completed involving numbers. Plus each pupil has completed a worksheet that counts how many leaves a hungry giraffe has been eating.


Maths work has also looked at counting from 1 to 20 in the correct order.

Finally one of the highlights in Silver Class during the summer term has been our weekly swimming trips to Crystal Palace. We have been sharing these trips with our friends from Purple Class.

Most of the time spent in the water is spent helping the children to feel confident. Adult help is always available.





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