Blue Class ICT Presentations


Blue Class have been demonstrating a high level of ICT learning. One of our key topics for the summer term is to be able to use PowerPoint. This is a piece of software that allows the pupils to present their work looking stylish with pictures and custom text.

A large part of this learning has been the ability to follow instructions. The basics of PowerPoint were demonstrated to all class members. This work also involves understanding how Windows works, as well as being able to successfully navigate around the computer desktop and file structure.

Each class member was asked to make a choice about the range of PowerPoint templates that are available. New ICT vocabulary was also introduced such as minimise and undo.

The topic for our presentations was defined as Funny Cats. Blue Class used the internet to search for three pictures of cats that were carrying out funny activities. The pupils then followed instructions to copy and paste these pictures into our PowerPoint presentations.

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