Class 10P Sports Day Preparations

Class 10P have been preparing for the Turney School Sports Day with plenty of athletics practice during our recent PE sessions. Running, throwing and jumping activities have all been coached by Mr. Jones.

The main running focus has been on the relay race. Class 10P have been learning the best technique in which to hold the baton. We need to grip towards the base, allowing our team mates plenty of baton to hold on to when we hand it over.

The pupils have also been able to identify differences in types of running events. We have seen how the relay race is a sprint, rather than a long distance race run at a more steady pace. Mr. Jones has been showing the students how we need to use our arms for extra balance and to propel our bodies forwards.


The javelin has been the throwing discipline that has also had plenty of practicing ahead of Sports Day. Class 10P have learnt how we should stand side on, and look in the direction in which we are about to throw.

Finally the long jump has seen some impressive displays from the Class 10P athletes. The pupils were asked first to consider some of the rules. We must stand behind the jumping line, otherwise we might be disqualified.

The long jump technique involves our knees being bent, and then using our arms to gain some extra strength as we leap forwards. You can watch a short video of the Class 10P athletes practicing for the Turney School Sports Day above.


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