Class 3H World War Two Research


Class 3H have been carrying out some very thoughtful history work all about World War Two. This is a very sensitive subject. The students have been able to understand the major issues, as well as looking at some of the personal stories that came out of the suffering during the War.

A recent focus has been the brave story of Anne Frank. A PowerPoint presentation was shared on the class whiteboard. Communication in Print was used to tell the life story of Anne Franks and how her family tried to hide away from the Nazis.


The Class 3H pupils took it in turns to read out a short passage from the story. Questions were asked after each slide. We wanted the students to fully understand what it must have been like to live in Germany during such troubled times.

We then looked at Anne Frank’s diary to help to gain a better understanding. This helped the Class 3H pupils to gain a more personal understanding of what life must have been like for Anne Frank. This history work will continue for the remainder of the summer term at Turney School. The pupils will continue to look at first hand sources such as Anne Frank’s Diary as we explore some of the major themes that led to World War Two.


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