New Class 10M Teaching Arrangements


All teaching staff at Turney School have commented on the fantastic progress that Class 10M have made with their new way of working around the school. The staff have been helping the students to access the curriculum in new locations around the school. Subject specific classrooms have been used for individual lessons, rather then remaining in the Class 10M teaching space.

This is a major step for some of the pupils who perhaps don’t feel confident to be able to change their teaching setting. The outcome though has been fantastic. All class members have soon settled into the new routine. They are responding well to the routine of lining up before and after a lesson, and then using their own navigational skills to follow the timetable and know where they should be at any given time.


Class 10M carried on with this maturity during a recent geography lesson. One of the topics that we have been learning about this term is how water can change to a different state. The students have been looking at how water can also be a gas and a solid, as well as a liquid. We have been looking at pictures of steam and ice to help understand these changes in state.

A recent lesson involved two different pictures of water being displayed on the class whiteboard. Each class member took it in turns to come to the front of the class and to indicate if the picture showed liquid, stream or ice. The pupils were also asked to sign what they could see after they had correctly identified the picture.


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