Class 11 Work Experience Success

Mr. Jones was able to place the students in a variety of local work settings that reflected some of the possible career interests of the class members.

A couple of students gained some wonderful experience working in a local Nursery with very young children. Lambeth College also very kindly took part in our work experience scheme with one Turney student being given a place working with the admin team at the College office.

Other placements included a local community garden, a cafe and working with Stuart to help manage the buildings and resources at Turney School. As well as picking up practical and social skills, we hope that the work experience week was an enjoyable way for the students to think about the disciplines that are expected in the world of work.

Elsewhere in Class 11 and the students are now waiting for the results of their GCSE and GCSE Entry Level exams in art. All of the papers have now been marked. They have been sent off to the external moderator to clarify the marking system.

With the hard work of the exam period now complete, the final few days at Turney School have been spent winding down and having some creative fun in the art studio. The students have been experimenting with bright colours having been inspired by the work of Jackson Pollock.

The Turney School Leaver’s Assembly will be taking place on the final Thursday of the summer term. Although we will be very sorry to be saying farewell to three of the Class 11 students, we are thrilled that the other pupils will be returning in September as the first intake of learners in the new Turney School Sixth Form.





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