Class 1R Tasty Food Tech


Class 1R recently made some delightful cheese and lettuce healthy sandwiches as part of our food tech learning at Turney School. All of the pupils are now familiar with the routine of how we start off food tech sessions. The pupils need to wash their hands, and then put on an apron.

It was now time for the practical part of the session. Much of the tuition takes place using the Picture Exchange Communication system. Miss W had set out the sequence of instructions using PECS. The pupils were asked to follow these through in sequence. Independent working is encouraged, with adult support always available.

The pupils are asked to take responsibility for gathering the equipment and ingredients that they might need in order to complete the task. Bread, margarine, cheese and lettuce were all required for our mid-morning sandwiches.

Once the sandwiches had been made, the children were able to taste them and then answer if they enjoyed the taste or not. Most of the sandwiches were quickly eaten up – a sure sign of success!










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