Fantastic Fun in Final Choir Assembly


The final Turney School Singing Assembly of the summer term finished in an enthusiastic fantastic. Miss G and the music team have been guiding the Turney School Choir throughout the entire year. The Choir meets every Monday to share our love for singing and signing.


This was no different for the last week of term when the Choir celebrated all that has been learnt over the past three terms. Lively versions of the main songs that we have been learning were performed. These included Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Let It Go, Singing in the Rain and Stand By Me.


Happy Birthday was also sung with great energy for the students who will be celebrating their birthdays during the six week break. Miss Tovey handed out the certificates of achievement for each pupil to reflect their progress over the past week of learning.


The Singing Assembly ended with Miss G asking the students to think about what they have managed to achieve as part of their music learning for this year. Miss G also reminded the pupils to carry on practising with their singing over the summer break.


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