Successful Start for Silver Class Children


The Silver Class staff are incredibly happy with the progress that the children have managed to make during their first six months of learning as Turney School pupils. The past two terms have been very demanding on the children as they entered into a new environment. The settling in period was very successful and it didn’t take long for the children to make the change to the Turney School routine.

The main learning intentions for Silver Class throughout the past two terms have been to improve the concentration skills of the children, and to also help to develop the social skills. These aims have been achieved through a combination of maths, literacy and art learning.


Number recognition has been one of the key skills for the children to learn during maths lessons. Character formation has been a focus for literacy. The weekly swimming lessons have also been greatly enjoyed by Silver Class.


All of the Silver Class children will be progressing up to Purple Class when the new school year starts in September. The staff are looking forward to meeting the new intake of Silver Class children as they start on their journey of learning at Turney School.

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