Yellow Class Literacy and Maths


Yellow Class have been spending the final few days of the summer term recapping on all of the phonics based knowledge that has been taught throughout the past school year. Much of this work is based around the pupil’s ability to identify the sound that a combination of letters might make, and then to piece these together to form a word.


Different resources are used for this activity. One of the most popular activities is to use the large letter set that is placed out on the Yellow Class carpet. The pupils take it in turns to look at the combination of letters, and then to form as many words that they can think of.


Plenty of adult one-on-one support has also been provided as part of the daily Yellow Class reading sessions. Each class member works closely with an adult member as they share the reading from a selection of their favourite books.


Some end of year maths work has also been completed in Yellow Class. This has involved the pupils cutting, sorting and glueing different representations of numbers. These include dots, sticks and the names of various numbers.


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