Introducing the Turney School 6th Form


Mr Jones and his team are incredibly excited about the opening of the Turney School sixth form unit. This is a dedicated stand-alone building that was completed over the summer break. It has been purpose built to allow a mixture of academic teaching, as well as valuable, independent life skills.


Many of the Class 11 students from last year have returned to benefit from the sixth form learning. We have also welcomed a couple of new students who are already starting to fit in well within the Turney School community.

The first few days of teaching in the sixth form have focussed on learning the sixth form rules, and feeling comfortable with the routine of the school day. All students have been given a home diary. Any messages from parents or carers can be written in the diaries. They are checked each morning by Mr Jones and his team.


The students have also been starting to explore their new surroundings. As well as familiar classroom items such as a projector and a whiteboard, we have also found washing machines, fridges and cookers. This reflects the practical nature of the learning. The students will be asked to be as independent as possible, carrying out tasks such as washing their own PE or swimming kit.


Other regular sixth form activities will include weekly trips to the nearby Herne Hill Velodrome, swimming sessions and gardening activities at Roots and Shoots.

We hope that all students enjoy their sixth form experience at Turney School.






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