Class 11 Food Tech Video

The Class 11 pupils have spent their first food tech session of the new Turney School term preparing and baking a number of different snacks. Some of the pupils prepared a tasty tuna sandwich; others followed the recipe to bake a small muffin selection to take home.


The students worked closely in pairs to help complete this task. Miss W provided each group with a list of ingredients, and then a simple recipe to follow. The emphasis was very much on independent work, with a watching adult always on hand to make sure that the activity was safe.


Miss W has also been helping the students to understand that cooking is not just about the end product. The process of how we work in the kitchen is also important. This involves tidying up as we go along. This helps the pupils to concentrate on the specific task that they are working on.


The end result was a food tech kitchen filled with a glorious aroma of banana muffins. You can find out a little more about this activity in the short video above.



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