Class 7 Colour Wheel Video

The teaching staff in the Turney Secondary School have welcomed the new pupils that have joined from the Primary School since the start of the new term. This is a major transition as part of the pupil’s time as learners at Turney School. It involves the Class 7 pupils to feel confident to find their way around, rather than be based in just one classroom.

Plenty of the learning for the Class 7 pupils has been about understanding the routine and expectations that the staff now have for the students. This was the case during a recent art lesson with Miss Murphy.

It was explained to the pupils about some of the rules that we all need to observe in the Turney School art studio, as well as a look at some of the materials that we will be using for our art work over the coming weeks.

The main theme for the first part of the autumn term will be to have an understanding of the colour wheel. The introductory session saw the Class 7 children learning that the colour wheel is useful as it helps us to remember all of the colour choices that are available to us. A comparison was made with the colours of the rainbow.

This work then led to a look at the three main primary colours: red, blue and yellow. Miss Murphy explained how these will be key to our future work as they are the basis for which we can then mix and create new colours. All Class 7 pupils then started work on a simple collage to display the primary colours.

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