Class 8 Basketball Video

Our early PE sessions in Class 8 at Turney School have involved the students working on improving their basketball skills. We started off this work with a series of movement and catching exercises. This served as a good warm up for the basketball challenges that were then set by Mr Jones.

A simple obstacle course involving cones was set up in the Turney gym. The Class 8 children were asked to dribble the ball around the cones. If they felt confident then the pupils were encouraged to use both their left and right hands. It was explained that we need to use out fingertips to keep an extra close control of the basketball.

Once the cones had been successfully navigated, the challenge was to set up a shot into the hoop from the red spot on the gym floor. This activity was then developed further with Mr Jones asking each player to make a pass and shoot shot just outside of the hoop.

Some of the pupils had some superb shooting skills, as you can see from the short video above.

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