Class 8 Music Exploration


The new Class 8 pupils at Turney School have been using their music lessons to help improve their communication skills. This work started with the students listening to a relaxing piece of music to help set the feel for the learning ahead. Sensory material was also available to add an extra layer of calmness.

The next task was for the Class 8 children to make an independent choice about which instrument they would like to play. Glockenspiels, maracas, drums and the amplified microphone were all options. The pupils used a Communication in Print choice card to help them explain their decisions. Each class member was encouraged to verbally ask for their preferred instrument.


A group exercise then followed. Miss G played the instruments one by one, but out of sight from the Class 8 members. The task was once again to use Communication in Print to explain what sound could be heard.

The music learning came to a close with a lively movement session around the music studio. All pupils listened carefully to the changing pace of the music, and then adapted their marching around the room to reflect this. We had periods of very quiet tip toeing, and then some fast paced full on marching.


Fantastic fun!

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