Class 9 Healthy Eating Science Topic


Class 9 have started a new science topic for the autumn term learning all about how we can keep healthy. This is a subject area that the students started to learn last year. Our early wok for the autumn term has been to refresh some of this existing knowledge.

A recent lesson started with the students being shown two different photographs. One was of an athlete playing football, whilst the other was of a male who appeared to be overweight. The class members were asked to describe what they can see. We also asked for feedback on which picture best represented a healthy image.

Pictures of food were then introduced. These included oranges, chocolate, fish and crisps. We asked the students to describe the food, and then decide if it should belong in a healthy food group or not.

Various table activities were then set up for each class member. One group worked on two different food menus covering breakfast through to an evening meal. The teaching staff asked the pupils to identify which parts of the menu were healthy.

A comprehension exercise was also completed. This introduced new vocabulary to the pupils such as carbohydrate, protein and vitamins.


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