Red Class Ready for New Turney Term


Many new learning activities across the curriculum have been prepared for the Red Class children at Turney School for the autumn term. Friendship will be an important theme. The teaching staff will be helping the children to appreciate how having good friends can help with our work and our play.

Red Class will be reading two main books as part of the literacy learning for the new term: The Gingerbread Man and The Enormous Turnip both contain some wonderful characters for the children to explore.

The children have already completed their first piece of artwork. Each Red Class member has produced a self-portrait. These will form the centre piece for our main classroom display. Each class member will also have their birthdays displayed next to their portraits. Individual artwork is also in place for the workstations of each pupil.

Swimming is another regular activity that we hope the Red Class children will enjoy throughout the term. The regular Monday swimming sessions at Crystal Palace have already started. The children will have the chance to ride the Turney School big bikes each Tuesday.

Finally our geography work in Red Class will look at the weather. The learning intention will be aimed at helping the children to be able to recognise the changing seasons.

A busy time ahead!

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