Soft Play with the Orange Class Pupils


The autumn term has begun for Orange Class at Turney School with the children taking some time to get to know each other well. We have been spending the first few days finding out about our new friends and the activities that they enjoy. Plenty of singing has taken place to help everyone to remember the names of our new friends.

The teaching staff have been assessing each child so that planning can begin to help with the personal learning plans. It is important for the individual needs of each child to be taken into account when work activities are being set.

A large part of the learning will be centred around reading Titch. This is a great story that the children we hopefully have fun exploring. We have also started our weekly swimming sessions at Crystal Palace.

Plus there has been plenty of time to have some fun with our new friends in the Turney soft play area! This is a safe space that is designed to meet a number of sensory needs. Adult supervision is constantly available, but the aim is for independent exploration, and for the children to learn how to share the school resources.




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