Welcome Back Blue Class


We have welcomed a new Blue Class to Turney School for September. This is a significant time in the learning for the children as it is their first time as Key Stage 2 pupils at Turney. We also have one new starter who has joined the class. All of the children have been making our friend feel most welcome.


A special book has been put together by the teaching staff to help the children feel welcome in Key Stage 2. This includes information about the teaching staff, the children, and some of the activities that we will be completing.


The Blue Class children have started work already on reading Goldilocks, our main reading text for the autumn term. This is a book that will help the children to look at the concept of size and how we can compare different sizes.


This is a theme that will also continue during maths lessons in Blue Class. Shape and size will be the main focus for the first few weeks of the new term.


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