6th Form Students Visit Brockwell Park


The new students in the Turney School sixth form have been spending plenty of time out and about in our local Lambeth community. This is one of the main aims that we have for the students. As well as traditional class room based learning, independence in the community is another key theme.


Every Monday morning is timetabled as an outdoor fitness session. Various activities are in place such as cycling at Herne Hill Velodrome and exploring our local parks.

A recent visit to the nearby Brockwell Park soon became something of an autumnal nature exercise. The students were able to see many different birds and animals. They documented these so that they could be explored later back in the sixth form block. The full list included geese, hens, ducks and even some green parrots!


Our morning in Brockwell Park also led to a nature hunt. This was the perfect time with the autumnal leaves starting to fall, and plenty of conkers also dropping from the trees. The students brought a selection of these back to the sixth form. These were then drawn and traced to help capture out morning trip.


This has been a great settling in period for the new sixth form students. All of the class members now feel comfortable in their dedicated learning block. Plenty of food tech learning has been taking place, as well as helping out staff members with some of their work around our school.

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