Class 8JB Art Video

Class 8JB have been working on matching shapes as part of their recent art lessons. The pupils were asked to think about the different colours that we could see in our classroom shapes, as well as to count the number of sides. Some of the higher ability pupils were then able to progress to read out some of the words.

New vocabulary was introduced. Miss M and her teaching team encouraged the pupils to use words such as same or different. We also asked the children to identify the primary colours that we could see in our shapes.

The next step was to introduce the pattern boards. These are a physical art resource that the pupils really enjoy playing with. The task is to add the pins to the board to create the patterns of some of our favourite shapes.

Finally a shape collage was created by each class member. Each pupil worked on colouring the shapes with plenty of adult support. The students were asked about their choice of colour, and to describe the shapes that they were working on.


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