Class 9EG Food Tech Picnic


Class 9EG recently enjoyed a delightful picnic during a recent food tech session. This was no ordinary picnic however – it was held indoors and involved some friendly paper ants!

The session started off with the students being asked to consider some of the food items that we sometimes take on picnics. We had to consider the difference between using a kitchen to prepare and cook food, and the resources that are available to eat outdoors.

Personal choice also came into this planning. Once the list of possible picnic items had been drawn up, we asked the Class 9EG students to select some of their favourite foods. These were then sourced and prepared ahead of our friendly class picnic.


A special picnic blanket was laid out across the food tech floor space. The food was carefully shared, and then we found some friendly paper ants to add to the realistic experience!

Once the picnic had come to a close, the pupils were reminded that even after a picnic we still need to tidy up. The outdoor utensils were all washed up, and we made sure that the picnic blanket was free of paper ants.


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