Class 9EG Guided Reading Recording


The Class 9EG students at Turney School have been working on some new activities as part of our continued guided reading learning. These sessions take place each morning. They have the aim of improving literacy levels. Each student gets to spend some time working one-on-one with an adult.

Some of the Class 9EG pupils have been working on improving their letter recognition. Different resources are used to spell out the name of each pupil. Letters are matched up with familiar words, e.g. a picture of some juice to represent the letter J. Each letter is sounded out. Lego has also been used to help create the shape of various letters.

Some of the higher ability students have been using the guided reading time to improve their vocabulary skills. The pupils have completed a worksheet which asks them to describe their favourite bicycle. The questions are posed so that each class member needs to think carefully about the choice of words.

After a first draft was written, the students were asked to self-correct their work. The teaching staff wanted the pupils to find even better ways of describing what their ideal bike might look like.

You can listen to one of the students sharing her work in the recording below.

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