Following Instructions in Class 8BM


Class 8BM have been looking at how we can follow the sequence of instructions during recent literacy lessons. This is an important reading skill that we all need to follow during many different life situations.

The pupils started work on this activity by following the instructions on how to make a pizza. A list of instructions were provided. Each class member read these out in the correct order.

A collage of a pizza was also created at the same time. If our instruction stated that cheese needed to be added to the top, the pupils had to find the picture of the cheese and stick it on the collage.

Miss M helped the class members with some new vocabulary as part of this learning. Instructional text such as spread or put were used whilst creating the pizzas.

A similar exercise was then carried out to make a cup of tea. This was also practical with each class member actually making a tasty cup of tea as they went through following the instructions.

This exercise finished with a self-evaluation. We asked the class members questions such as: had they read all of the instructions? Did they follow them in sequence? We concluded by recapping on why it is sometimes important to follow instructions that we are given.

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