Handa’s Surprise in Silver Class


The Silver Class children at Turney School have been reading Handa’s Surprise as our main piece of English learning over the past couple of weeks. This is a very colourful story that tells the tale of Handa and her love of many different types of fruit.

The children have been using play dough to create some models of their favourite fruits. We have asked them to think about the shape and the colour of the play dough that can be used.

Other recent creative work in Silver Class has involved the children creating a series of collages using different types of material. This is a great exercise to help the children explore their sensory skills.

Elsewhere and the Silver Class children have been working on improving their basketball skills during PE sessions. The teaching staff have been helping the children to develop their bouncing, catching and shooting skills.

PSED work will soon start to look at some basic feelings. The children will be asked to think about emotions such as happy and sad, and what it means to feel like this, and how we can all work towards being happy.

Finally the Silver Class pupils are looking forward to welcoming some new friends into our class over the coming weeks.




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