Yellow Class Drumming Video

Recent music lessons in Yellow Class have involved the children developing their listening skills. There has been a focus on being quiet for a short period of time so that all of our friends can appreciate the music that we are listening to. Sensory material is used to help create a peaceful class room situation.


After a short period of time, Miss G then asks each class member to describe the music that they have heard. Communication in Print is used to help with this description. Our thoughts are shared and read out to the other friends in the class.


Miss G then introduced the Yellow Class pupils to the slide flute. The aim for this exercise was for the class members to be able to identify the difference between a high and a low sound.


The pupils were all given two cards – a low card and a high card. Each time Miss G played the slide flute, the class members had to hold up the correct card to show the change in the pitch.


The range of high and low sounds was then widened with a glockenspiel being added to the sessions. The Yellow Class children were able to hear how we can move up or down the musical scale using many different notes.

Future music learning in Yellow Class will also look at rhythm. The pupils have already started to play on the school African drums to help us with this exercise. Miss G tapped out a simple rhythm, and then pupils responded by copying this pattern.

The Yellow Class music lesson came to a close with some marching around the music studio. The children were asked to listen out for the rhythm and move their body in time with this.

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