Class 8BM Gymnastics Routine


Class 8BM have been working towards putting together a simple gymnastics display as part of our PE learning. A large part of this exercise has been to help the students to understand the importance of balance when carrying out gymnastic exercises.

Our work started with some exercises on the gym floor. We asked each class member to form a series of shapes whilst sitting on the floor of the gym. Once the pupils felt confident with this, we then progressed to using a gym bench.

Safety was the key issue here. Mr Jones and Sue were able to offer support when needed. The aim however was for an independent routine to be put in place for each pupil.

Some of the moves included a straight stretch, a star, a tuck shape and then resting on our hands and knees. Once these individual moves had been mastered, the pupils then put then together to form a unique gymnastics routine.



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