Turney School 6th Form Leisure Videos


The Turney School Sixth Form students are continuing with their timetable that combines academic learning with independent life skills. Part of this schedule includes a dedicated slot for leisure learning each Monday morning.

Some of these sessions are spent at the nearby Herne Hill Velodrome. The students have been gaining in confidence as they cycle around the inner small track.

Other leisure activities include playing boccia and indoor curling. Boccia is a sport similar to bowls. It is highly inclusive and able to involve all of the different learning levels of the Sixth Form Students. Indoor curling uses stones that have a wheel base to help them to glide along.

Mr Jones and his team have been encouraging the students to be as independent as possible for these activities. The pupils are now expected to take the lead in setting up the school gym safely with the necessary apparatus that is needed.

Both games have adult support, but the students are given the responsibility for deciding which shots should take the points, and to keep a running tally of the overall scores.

The standard across both sports has been improving week by week, as you can see from the boccia and curling videos that we are happy to share here.





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