Yellow Class Musical Scale Video

Yellow Class have been learning how to play a musical scale as part of our current weekly music sessions. This work usually starts with a reminder from Miss H about what it means to be a good musical listener.

The children have been reminded that this involves more then simply been quiet. We need to appreciate the music, and then form an opinion about what we have just heard.

Having listened to a short piece of classical music, each class member is then asked to think of a sentence to describe what they have just heard. These are then read out to our other Yellow Class friends.

It was then time to work on the main focus for the lesson. Our work on musical scales has the aim of understanding the different notes, and what it means to go either up or down on the musical scale.


The children have been working with the school glockenspiels to help with this exercise. A simple scale of moving up, then down the glockenspiel was completed by each class member. Part of the learning was to follow instructions about where to start and where to stop on the scale.

The musical tubes were also introduced for this lesson. The Yellow Class children were able to see how the longer tubes makes a lower sound when compared to the smaller ones.



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