Blue Class Curriculum Work


The Blue Class pupils at Turney School have been looking depth at the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Plenty of picture resources have been made available to help the children recognise and understand the main characters. We have also been looking at the strong theme of good and bad that can be found within the story.


Elsewhere and our ICT work in Blue Class has been focussed on improving the photography skills of the pupils. The children have been using the school iPads to help with this. We have seen how once a photograph has been taken, we can then use the iPads to edit the appearance.


Maths learning in Blue Class has focussed on our understanding of the number line. All of the children now feel comfortable with numbers one to ten. Some of the higher ability pupils have been placing higher numbers in the correct order on the number line.

Finally our geography work in Blue Class has looked the changing four seasons. We have seen how the main difference between the seasons is the change in weather. All of the children have been working on a large class display to demonstrate this knowledge.







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