Orange Class Changing Seasons


The Orange Class pupils at Turney School have been learning about the different changes as we move from one season to another. The children have been following closely the seasonal changes that we can see around us.


Our autumn topic has almost finished in Orange Class. A class window display has been created showing some of the artwork that has been created based on the theme of autumn. We have also looked at the change of clothing that is required for this season. The children have been asked which clothes are most suitable to wear.


This seasonal work also fits in with the early preparations for the Turney School winter production that the Orange Class pupils will be taking part in. All primary school children have now started rehearsals for a performance of the Angel Express Nativity.

This is a show that tells the Christmas story using different news story sources. Weekly rehearsals are well underway for the Orange Class children.


Finally the pupils are making good progress in reading Little Red Hen, our current class reading book. This tells the story of how the hen wanted some help to carry out some tasks. It is a strong story that sends out a powerful message about friendships and sharing.



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