Purple Class Musical Exploration


The Purple Class pupils at Turney School have been continuing with their weekly music sessions held in the school music studio. This is a special time for the children as they get to experience teaching in locations outside of their classroom.

Each session usually starts off with a gentle sensory warm up. A piece of peaceful music is played, with soft materials and bubbles being blown to help create a calming atmosphere.

It is then time to say hello and welcome all of our friends to the music studio. Each class member taps out on a school drum the syllables of the name of their friend sitting next to them.


A selection of instruments were then introduced to the lesson. The Purple Class children were given a free choice to pick their favourite instrument. The selection included glockenspiels, maracas, drums, tambourines and a selection of musical tubes.

A specific task was set for each instrument. The children playing the glockenspiel were asked to find the two matching pairs of notes. These were all colour coded with both of the A keys being painted red etc.


Miss H then showed the Purple Class children the set of handbells that are in the music studio. We listened carefully to the changing sound that each bell is able to make. The nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was played out using these bells.

The next stage of music learning for the Purple Class children will involve being able to recognise the sounds that different instruments can make. The pupils will be asked to listen to an instrument that is being played out of their sight, and then identify what the instrument is.

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