Settling in with Silver Class


The new Silver Class children at Turney School have successfully completed their first half term of teaching, and are now ready to continue with their fine progress. The children have adapted well to the routine of the Turney School day.

Plenty of symbols and image recognition have been used to help guide the children around the structure of the school day. The children are now familiar with where they should be at any time, and to understand when it is play time, lunch time or going home time.

Plus this is a very lively class of children! Our PE sessions are one of the favourite parts of the school week. The children are currently using this time to explore some of the resources that we have in the Turney School gym. Different work stations have been set up in a safe, supervised environment.


Elsewhere around Silver Class and the main literacy learning has involved understanding the Little Red Riding Hood story. We have a selection of puppets from the story in the class room. The children have enjoyed acting out some of the story using the puppets.


Some imaginative pieces of artwork have also been created in Silver Class. The children have been using cut up pieces of bandage to create a collage. This is a great activity to help improve the sensory development of each class member.


Finally it is worth mentioning the once a week ‘messy’ play stations. This is another regular favourite for both children and staff! As the name suggests, the Silver Class children are encouraged to get messy working with water, sand and flour. The aim is for the pupils to explore the different textures through the sense of touch.







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