Orange Class Literacy Learning


The Orange Class pupils at Turney School have been improving their understanding of individual words to try and create a short sentence. Most of the children have made some good progress in recognising individual words. The next level of learning is to add a short string of words together to produce a sentence with meaning.


Many different activities have taken place to help with this learning. Some of the children have been looking at pictures of people carrying out an activity, and then over-writing a short sentence to describe this. Examples include ‘the boy is cycling,’ or ‘the girl is drinking.’


The Picutre Exchange Communication System has helped here. The Orange Class children are encouraged to find the correct symbols for each word before they can put together a short sentence.


Some of the higher ability pupils have been able to creative a descriptive sentence by looking at a picture. The children have been asked to describe what they can see in a picture of a train, or an image of some people dancing. All of this activity is backed up with an emphasis on letter formation.

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