Purple Class Curriculum Updates


The Purple Class children at Turney School have been continuing their work across many different curriculum areas as we reach the close of the autumn term. Music learning in Purple Class has been looking at the difference between quiet and loud.

The sessions in the Turney School music studio involve the children making an independent choice for an instrument. These are then played by each pupil. Miss G then asks the pupils to decide if their instrument makes a quiet or a loud noise.

Elsewhere in Purple Class and the school iPads have been used to help learning across all subject areas. The iPads have specially chosen apps installed that support the learning aims for each subject matter. They are especially useful for our maths and English learning.

Finally the children are putting their finishing touches to the costumes that they will be wearing as part of the Turney School Primary Christmas play that takes place on 10th December. The Purple Class children will be mainly playing the role of Angels. Some stars have been painted by the children on to the costumes that we will be wearing.





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