Silver Class Christmas Preparations


The new Silver Class children at Turney School have been working on many different activities that have a seasonal Christmas theme. Plenty of practice has been taking place ahead of the Primary Christmas play that will be taking place at Turney School on 10th December at 2pm.

The children have been listening regularly to some of the songs that we will be singing so that they can become familiar with the tunes. The Silver Class staff are also starting to think about the costumes that the children will be wearing as part of the performance.


The seasonal theme has also continued with our artwork. Each class member has produced a piece of art using the design of a Christmas tree. These collages were created using the highly unusual artistic resource of couscous!


A sheet of card was first of all covered in glue. A think layer of couscous was then added. This is a sensory material that the children enjoyed working with. Stencils were then used to highlight the outline of a Christmas tree. Different coloured paints were chosen by each class member.


We are also very proud of our Christmas tree and angel display in Silver Class. The children decorated the angels using colourful feathers and glitter. The angels were then placed on the Silver Class Christmas tree.


Finally the children have been working with some Nativity puppets to help understand a little more about the Christmas story. The aim has been to help the children to make the connection between the characters in the story, and the Nativity story that we will be taking part in as part of the Primary Christmas play.


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