Class 7RH PE Trampoline Work


Class 7RH have been working on improving their trampolining skills during the first few PE sessions of the new spring term at Turney School. Mr. Jones and his team have been explaining the importance of safety whilst using the school trampolines.

The session started with the pupils hearing how trampolining can be tremendous fun, but safety is the most important concern. Mr. Jones explained how excellent listening skills were needed. The pupils were expected to follow the adult instructions so that they could enjoy themselves whilst staying safe.


Each class member then took it in turn to try and some new moves on the trampolines. Other class members had an equally important role as a spotter. This is when a group of friends stand around the side of the trampoline to make sure that the athlete doesn’t fall off.

Each class member was then set a specific target to complete on the trampoline. Some of the pupils were asked to increase the height of their jump by using their arms to help propel them a little higher. Other class members were asked to try and stay as central as possible. All pupils worked on improving their stopping technique. This involved bending their knees and bringing their arms close to their side.


This work will continue throughout the next few weeks. The overall aim will be for each Class 7RH member to be able to put together a simple trampoline routine that they will be able to demonstrate to their friends.


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