A Busy Spring Term in Silver Class


Silver Class are coming towards the end of what has been a very busy first half of the spring term. Many different learning activities have taken place across the Turney School curriculum.


Our regular soft play sessions continue to be a favourite amongst the children. This is an open session where the class members are encouraged to explore many of the safe playing resources in the purpose built space. It is great to see the children usually playing together and sharing in their activities.


Elsewhere in Silver Class and the children are continuing to enjoy the weekly food tech lessons. We invite the food tech staff to come to our classroom to help us prepare something tasty to bake. A recent lesson involved the children preparing a pasta dish.

The children were asked to think about how to improve their chopping and mixing skills. The teaching staff also asked the children about the ingredients, and what they thought might be added next to our recipe.


Art lessons have involved the Silver Class children making some thoughtful Valentine cards. The pupils were asked to choose the design and colours of the cards. A simple message was displayed inside using Communication in Print. These cards were then taken home to give to a special family member.

Finally our English work in Silver Class has seen the children reading the Dear Zoo book. This work has been backed up with the use of play dough to re-create some of the animal characters.

The children have been using the symbol exchange system to request the resources that they need. One of the aims from this activity is for the Silver Class members to understand the choices that they have been making.













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