Class 10MA Maths Data Handling


Class 10MA have been learning all about data handling as part of our recent maths work at Turney School. We have seen how this is an important part of maths as it helps us to understand a collection of figures, and then be able to make some sense out of them.

A large part of this learning has been to introduce the students to the idea of a tally chart. We have seen how this is a useful way in which to keep count of a running total. Bundles of four are drawn together. The fifth item that is being counted in then displayed with a a mark going across the bundle, ‘drawing the gate.’


Some practical data collection projects have taken place in Class 10MA. The pupils were asked what was their favourite snack. Once the data had been sourced, we could then start to think about an appropriate way in which to display this. Ideas have included pictograms and pie charts.

The students were then asked to interpret this data and to form some conclusions. Questions were asked such as what is the most popular item, or what is the least popular choice?


Other groups in Class 10MA have been learning about how to sort different types of shapes. The students have been identifying not only the type of shape, but also the size and colour.


Another activity has involved sorting different types of transport to show how we can travel in the air, on the road or by using the sea. Plenty of adult verbal support is always available. Each pupil is asked why they have made a particular sorting decision, and why it belongs in a particular category.


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