Orange Class Transport Topic


Orange Class have been continuing to learn about different types of transport throughout the spring term. Our current focus is on trains and how these can help us to move around. This learning recently took on a very practical approach with a return train ride from Herne Hill to Bromley.


This was a wonderful opportunity for the Orange Class children to be out in their local community, and to experience how we can feel safe and enjoy our train ride. The children were shown how we need to first buy a ticket, and then where we can safely wait for the train to arrive.


The journey itself was fantastic. The children were able to see many different local areas of interest as part of the ride. We worked out how many stops it was between Herne Hill and Bromley, and then counted these along the journey.


Our transport theme will continue after the half term break. The teaching staff are hopeful of being able to organise a similar trip on a bus to the West End. This will involve crossing the river with plenty to see along the way.

Elsewhere and Orange Class have been continuing with their weekly swimming sessions at the nearby Crystal Palace Leisure Centre. This is always one of the most popular times of the week for the children.

The key learning intention is for all pupils to feel happy and safe whilst in the water. The class members have been growing in confidence by being able to place their faces in the water whilst having adult supervision.

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