Purple Class Trampolining Video

The children in Purple Class have been improving their trampoline techniques during recent PE sessions. Two sets of equipment are used for these sessions – there is a full size trampoline for the pupils that feel confident, and a smaller trampoline for some of the children who want to experiment with their trampoline moves.

Following instructions and personal safety are always key to this activity. Plenty of soft mats are placed around the trampoline. The most important message that is passed on is that we need to launch our moves from the centre of the trampoline.

The teaching staff have been supporting each class member with ways in which to gain more height and control. The use of our arms are very important. The Purple Class children have been asked to swing their arms to gain more lift.

Counting has also formed part of this learning. The children are asked to carry out ten consecutive bounces, counting up the number with each move. The routine then comes to a close with a sudden stop. We have seen how you need to bend your knees in order to achieve this.

You can see the wonderful progress made by some of the Purple Class children in the short video above.

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