Blue Class Brilliant Trip to London Zoo


The Blue Class children recently had a brilliant trip to London Zoo. This very special day out was arranged as part of our current literacy learning. The children have been reading The Lion King, and exploring the many different African animals that appear in the book. We were able to see up close at London Zoo some of the animals that we have been learning about back in class. These included tigers, giraffes, camels, monkeys and meerkats. The Blue Class children were asked to listen to the animals to try and hear the sounds that they were making.

This was an incredibly busy day for the Blue Class children at London Zoo. We had wonderful spring weather and were able to enjoy our packed lunches. Plenty of walking was also involved so that we could see as many animals as possible. The children particularly enjoyed the walk along a path that led into a mini-forest. We were also able to have a look in the Bird Hide. This is a special quiet area where we can go to observe the rare birds that live at London Zoo.

Back in class and Blue Class have been working on various table activities based around the Lion King book. Some of the children have been matching pairs of the same animals. Other groups have been thinking of some suitable words to describe the animal. Handwriting has also formed part of this learning with some over writing exercises involved.










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