Class 11JE Forces and Friction Experimentation

Science lessons in Class 11JE at Turney School have recently been exploring the idea of friction. This is a complex subject for some of the students to understand. The task was explained by using some wonderful science resources that allowed each student to work one-on-one with an adult staff member.

Three main materials were used for this work – sand, water and rice. Each Class 11JE student was given a short period of time to place their hands in a tray containing the materials. This was a highly sensory activity. Science teacher Miss G asked each pupil to understand how sand, water and rice all create a different sense of touch.

Different objects were then introduced for the students to explore in the trays. Model trucks were dragged through the sand and rice. The pupils were asked to see if it was easier to move the trucks through either sand and rice. Toy boats and balls were added to the water. The students were asked to see if it was easy or difficult to move these items through the water.

Finally a spinning wheel resource was introduced. All three materials were passed through the large funnel one at a time. Class 11JE were asked to observe which of the materials was able to pass through the quickest and turn the wheel. The results were recorded in a spreadsheet as part of the related table work. The next stage for this learning will be for Class 11JE to explore the friction that can be found in velcro.






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