Class 8BM Learn About the Easter Story as part of RE Studies


Class 8BM have been researching some timely RE work as we approach the Easter break at Turney School. The pupils have been looking at the events that make up the traditional Christian Easter story. This can be quite a complex sequence of events for the class members to understand. Miss A and her support staff have been using the Picture Exchange Communication system to help all pupils in Class 8BM to access the ideas in the story.

A recent session started with a friendly class discussion to see what existing knowledge the pupils already knew about the Easter story. A starting point was to identify some of the main characters such as Jesus, Judas and some of the other disciples. Class 8BM then watched a short video telling the events that led up to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. Miss A asked plenty of questions along the way to help all pupils understand what was taking place.

All pupils then helped to answer some questions from a PowerPoint presentation on the class whiteboard. Each pupil was invited to come to the front to answer a question about the story. A choice of two answers was offered. The Class 8BM introduction to the Easter story came to a close with some of the main ideas in the plot being placed in the correct sequence. This is an activity that the pupils will continue to look at in more depth as we approach the Easter holidays.





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