Silver Class Sensory Listening Sessions


The Silver Class children have been enjoying the regular visits that we have from Debbie and Anne as part of the sensory listening sessions that take place in Key Stage 1 at Turney School. One of the key learning aims is for each child to develop their listening skills, and to be able to pay attention to the learning that is taking place in front of them.

This is a very visual session with plenty of props used by the sensory listening team. Each session usually starts with a short story being read out. Rumble in the Jungle is the current reading book for Silver Class. This then becomes a call and response activity. Debbie and Anne ask various questions to the children. These are aimed to trigger a particular response, such as the sound of one of the characters in the book.

The next stage of this learning is for different resources to be presented to the whole group. This is delivered to help the children develop a sense of focus. An element of suspense is built up before each item is introduced from the mystery box. The resources are usually related to some of the characters in the class reading book. A recent surprise appearance came from a remote control car being driven out of the mystery box. The Silver Class children were fascinated to see this appear in front of them.

Elsewhere in Silver Class and we are all looking forward to meeting our new class friend who will soon be starting at Turney School. Plenty of exciting activities are planned, such as the weekly Silver Class food tech sessions. This work helps the children to understand some of the key skills that we need in the kitchen, such as washing our hands, where to find equipment and how to tidy up after each session. The Silver Class pupils recently made a very tasty fruit salad. We have also been focussing on being able to identify when food tastes sweet.













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