Turney School Sixth Form Work Towards Confidence and Independence


The Sixth Form students at Turney School are making great progress as part of their learning to become as confident and independent as possible. The learning in the new Sixth Form block is set up specifically to help meet these aims. Our weekly cycling sessions at the nearby Herne Hill Velodrome are followed by the preparation of a mid-morning snack. The students are supervised, but expected to cook their own toast, choose a suitable spread, and then complete the activity by washing up and cleaning the cooking space.

Once the the extra boost of energy has been eaten, it is usually then time for some more sport! Each Monday morning the Year 12 students take part in an indoor curling and boccia session. Both of these activities are highly inclusive. All students are able to compete at an equal level. Two team captains are chosen, plus the important role of the scorer who is able to judge the competition. This activity is also great in helping the Turney students to work together as a team.









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